Santa Ana Car Insurance

The county seat of Orange County is Santa Ana, California. This city has the highest population in Orange County and is in the top 100 in the country in that regard. The law in California states all drivers must be in possession of car insurance at all times. Santa Ana car insurance is critical with that many potential drivers on the road. The staff at Kelly Williams Insurance is happy to help all Santa Ana residents lock down Santa Ana car insurance.

Kelly Williams Insurance first opened its doors in 1895. Since then this fourth generation family owned insurance broker has grown and expanded its personal and business client base. The office is located in Long Beach on the Pacific Coast Highway and has been at its present location for over 25 years.

When shopping around for Santa Ana car insurance, an individual has several factors to consider. Some questions to answer include current driving record, make and year of the car, what manner the car will mostly be used for and where the car will be stored when not in use.

A client needs to take the answers to those questions to the office of Kelly Williams Insurance so the agent he or she meets with can create a policy to best match those factors. The decision to get liability, collision or comprehensive Santa Ana car insurance can be determined at this time. Liability coverage is less expensive and provides a minimum amount of coverage. It is a sound policy for the individual with a good driving record or an older car where the maximum coverage is not necessary. Collision coverage costs more but does provide excellent protection in case an accident occurs. This plan will ensure that physical damage to the client’s car is taken care of and fixed properly. Comprehensive Santa Ana car insurance protects the car from elements outside the range of an accident, such as if the car is stolen.

There is no need to drive through the streets of Santa Ana and not be properly protected in case of an accident. Kelly Williams Insurance is ready to help all people get set up with sound Santa Ana car insurance coverage.

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