Santa Ana Auto Insurance

Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County, California and has the largest population of any city in the county. This means a lot of drivers on the roads in Santa Ana. This also means the fact laws exist requiring Santa Ana auto insurance coverage become even more important. No one wants to take the chance of being in an accident without auto insurance, and the fact there are that many automobiles on the road make the percentages even higher. Kelly Williams Insurance is an insurance broker out of Long Beach that has been serving the Santa Ana community for years.

Kelly Williams Insurance is a fourth generation family owned business that first practiced insurance sales back in 1895. The office the staff currently works out of is on the Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach. The company has worked in that office for over 25 years now, adding to the stability of this insurance broker. The residents of Santa Ana can feel comfortable working with an agent from Kelly Williams Insurance when looking for proper Santa Ana auto insurance coverage.

Any client that makes an appointment with a representative will first be asked a series of important questions, designed to help in the decision making process of what type of Santa Ana auto insurance to get. How good is the driving record of the individual? Where will the automobile be parked when not in use? What will be the primary use of the auto? How old is the vehicle?

The answers to these questions will help the agent and client come to a decision whether liability, collision or comprehensive Santa Ana auto insurance is needed. Liability is a minimum coverage best suited for drivers with older vehicles or good driving records. While liability does not provide the extensive protection collision coverage does, it costs less and still protects the client if involved in an accident that was another driver’s fault. Collision coverage will cost a bit more, but offers great protection and covers the damages to the client’s auto when an accident occurs. Comprehensive Santa Ana auto insurance coverage takes care of physical damage caused by events outside of an accident, such as theft or a hailstorm.

Kelly Williams Insurance is happy to sit down with any resident of Santa Ana and discuss Santa Ana auto insurance options. Make an appointment today to determine what will be the best type of coverage to get.

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