Protecting Your Commercial Property

If your company is facing a catastrophe like fire, explosion, theft, vandalism or inclimate weather, commercial property insurance can be there to repair or cover damaged property or replace your inventory. Depending on the policy, commercial property insurance can cover basic equipment including structures, equipment, furniture, money, securities, and hard to replace records.  Choosing an All-risk policy can allow you to pick and choose the coverage for any situation.

Since Property is valued in two categories, reimbursement is either given by the cost of replacing your property, known as a replacement-cost basis, or you can be reimbursed by an actual cash value (ACV), based on the replacement of cost minus the physical depreciation of the lost or damaged equipment. By supplying this insurance to a variety of business including commercial buildings, apartment complexes, HOA’s or the contents of your business, Kelly Williams is able to help any business out when the worst happens.

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