Professional Liability Insurance

Essentially, if you are giving any kind of advice or if you´re providing a service to people you might need professional liability insurance. This can include doctors, insurance agents, lawyers, and business consultants because they have the exposure of giving the wrong advice or giving the wrong proceeding advice and receiving a claim from that. But the people that need professional liability insurance are not limited to those professions; certainly, if you are a wedding photographer, a party planner or someone who gives life advice or business coach and you give the wrong advice then you are also exposed to a lawsuit. So professional liability insurance protects you from giving the wrong advice or from someone accusing you for giving the wrong advice or providing a service improperly. 

Talk to one of our agents to see how much it will cost you versus the coverage and explore this as a viable option to your business. Call (562)498-8661 or visit us at 4400 E. Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach. We are committed to protect you all the time.

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