Orange California Auto Insurance

The city of Orange is located in Orange County, California. Approximately three miles to the north of Santa Ana, the area is known for pleasant weather and many historic buildings. Like any other area of California it is required by any driver to have in possession at all times Orange California auto insurance. Kelly Williams Insurance is an insurance broker that is more than qualified to handle all auto insurance inquiries.

Kelly Williams Insurance has been in operation since 1895. This family owned operation spanning four generations has been at the same location in Long Beach for over 25 years now, proudly serving the community and being available for all insurance needs. Orange California auto insurance questions are easily answered by the expert staff at Kelly Williams Insurance.

When a potential customer walks into the office of Kelly Williams Insurance, he or she is first asked a number of pertinent questions designed to narrow down the type of insurance best suited for the needs of that individual. For example, what is the year and make of the vehicle? How good is the driving record of the individual? Where will the auto normally be parked when not in use? There are many other questions that can also be asked. What matters is the agent will ask every needed question to help him or her create an Orange California auto insurance policy best suited for that particular individual.

Next a decision will be made whether liability, collision or comprehensive coverage will be purchased. A person with an older auto or good driving record may decide to stick with simple, less expensive liability coverage. More extensive coverage in the event of an accident could be purchased if collision coverage is decided upon, while comprehensive coverage helps cover situations such as theft of the vehicle or a random hailstorm. Kelly Williams Insurance takes the characteristics of the individual, how much he or she is willing to pay and how extensive of coverage is desired before recommending a particular type of Orange California auto insurance.

Stop by the office of Kelly Williams Insurance today. People know that an insurance broker with long term ties to Orange, California is willing to provide outstanding service and great Orange California auto insurance coverage.

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