Naples California Insurance

Naples is a neighborhood of Long Beach, California and is divided into three islands. Being part of the Long Beach area it is convenient to travel along the Pacific Coast Highway to Kelly Williams Insurance when the need for a quote on Naples California insurance arises. Kelly Williams Insurance is an insurance broker that has been in business since 1895, serving the Long Beach area out of its current location for over 25 years. The company is a fourth generation family owned business that takes great pride in providing auto, health, home, life and renters insurance to all clients.

Naples California insurance to cover the automobile can be purchased in one of three forms. There is liability coverage for drivers with good records or older cars where a higher end policy is not an absolute necessity. Collision insurance makes sure a driver is protected if there is damage to a vehicle from an accident, while comprehensive coverage insures the car when physical damage occurs from other means, such as theft of the car.

Kelly Williams Insurance offers Naples California insurance for the home or rented residence as well. Qualified agents can sit down with any client and determine how extensive a policy is needed based on the living conditions and what type of property the client owns. The expert staff will explain in a detailed but simple manner how best to make sure the home, apartment and property is taken care of in the event an incident such as a fire or flood disrupts the living conditions.

Health and life insurance are two other areas of Naples California insurance Kelly Williams Insurance can cover. The team will sit down with any customer, explain the benefits of different types on coverage in both cases and help the client make a well-informed decision. Kelly Williams Insurance is adept at handling sensitive issues such as health, making the decision making process much easier on the client and his or her family.

Make an appointment today with Kelly Williams Insurance to take a look at different avenues for any Naples California insurance need!

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