Naples California Auto Insurance

California is like most states in the country that require all drivers to be in possession of some type of auto insurance when on the road. Therefore, a resident of Naples, California is just as responsible as anyone else in the state to find quality coverage. Naples California auto insurance can be bought from a variety of insurance brokers in CA, but there is a local company right in Long Beach that has the right kind of history and reputation to provide the best service. Kelly Williams Insurance has been providing outstanding service to the residents of Naples for over a century.

Located in Long Beach right on the Pacific Coast Highway for over 25 years, Kelly Williams is a fourth generation family owned business that has practiced out of the Long Beach area for decades. Since Naples is a neighborhood in Long Beach, speaking with an agent from Kelly Williams Insurance makes perfect sense since he or she will know the area and understand specific Naples California auto insurance needs.

Clients will walk into the office of Kelly Williams Insurance needing assistance to purchase the right type of Naples California auto insurance. There are three main types of coverage: liability; collision; comprehensive. Liability coverage is good for drivers with a sparkling driving record or drivers with older automobiles. The coverage helps protect them in case they are in an accident where the other driver was at fault. Collision coverage provides more coverage when the driver is in an accident and causes physical damage to his or her auto. Comprehensive Naples California auto insurance coverage provides protection for other causes of damage to the auto, such as from a hailstorm or theft of the automobile.

Sit down today with an agent of Kelly Williams Insurance to best determine the right type of Naples California auto insurance. Put over 100 years of dedicated service to the Naples area at work today!

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