Los Angeles Life Insurance

Kelly Williams Insurance has served the Los Angeles County area for well over 100 years. A fourth generation family owned business, Kelly Williams Insurance has been in the same office in Long beach for over 25 years, conveniently located on the Pacific Coast Highway. The staff takes pride in being able to help their clients find insurance coverage for the automobile, home, health and for a residence being rented. Kelly Williams Insurance also is quite adept at helping people and their families set up quality Los Angeles life insurance.

Life insurance is not the easiest thing for many people to shop for because of what the coverage represents. However, this type of coverage could be one of the most critical an individual provides for his or her family. The agent any client is working with from Kelly Williams Insurance will calculate just the right amount of life insurance for the family.

The rule of thumb is normally a plan 6 to 8 times the annual earnings of the client. This value will change depending on any income other than normal salary that comes in, partner status, number of people financially dependent on the client, death benefit paid from Social Security or a pension plan and whether special needs such as mortgage payment exist.

Once those factors have been determined it makes it easier for the staff at Kelly Williams Insurance to better determine if term insurance or cash value life insurance should be acquired. Los Angeles life insurance is dependent on so many things such as whether the investment is going to be short or long term that a person not totally familiar with the ins and outs of the process could become easily confused.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Kelly Williams Insurance is the place for the best consultation on Los Angeles life insurance. Set up an appointment today to see what can be done to best protect the family and ensure their lives are made a little more comfortable in the wake of the loss of a loved one.

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