What Steps You Need to Take When You Need to File an Insurance Claim

Life isn’t without its set of challenges, and sometimes those challenges can catch us off guard. We often hear about things like this on local news reports or read about them in our newspapers and we usually say things like "that can’t happen to us" or "that happens to other people not to us."

But it can happen to you. It can happen in your home, your apartment, or your condo and when it does happen your first thought should be to contact your insurance agency and report the incident immediately.

Here are a few of the steps you should follow when you are filing a homeowners insurance claim with your insurance agency.

Call local law enforcement

Contact the police if your loss is due to theft.

Look at your list of possessions

Get out that list and then go through each room of your home or apartment and compare what’s on your list against that’s actually in each room. Note any missing or damaged property on your list.

Make other living arrangements

If your dwelling is trashed make other living arrangements. Make sure that you keep receipts for all your expenses including all meals, hotel or motel bills and other expenses related to your situation.

Alert your insurance agent

Call your insurance agent as soon as possible and make sure that you have all your information handy to give to your agent so that they can assist you as quickly and effectively as possible.

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