Flood Insurance Is NOT Covered In Your Homeowners Policy

When you buy homeowners insurance, you expect a lot out of it. First, if you have a mortgage, homeowners insurance is required to not only protect your investment but the mortgage holder’s investment as well.

Next, you expect it to cover liabilities like slips and falls. You even expect it to cover such natural disasters as floods. However, if you only have a basic homeowners insurance policy, you do not have flood coverage. This means if your home is damaged or destroyed by a flood, you’re still fiscally responsible for paying off the destroyed home!

When you talk with an agent like those at Kelly Williams Insurance in Long Beach, California, they’ll help you decide whether your Southern California home needs a flood insurance policy to accompany your regular homeowners policy. If you’ve not discussed flood insurance with anyone by now, give them a call and see if you’ve got the coverage you need to protect you financially!

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