How to Find A Great Fire Insurance Plan

In the unfortunate event of a fire, you need to make sure your losses are covered. Your fire insurance plan must be lock-tight, otherwise you put your home and possessions at a severe risk. 

Look for a plan with the right amount of coverage. Before you begin shopping for a plan, make a list of what you want to insure. You want a plan that covers everything you need. 

Most homeowner’s insurance includes fire damage. Here are the areas that are typically covered: 

Main dwelling. This includes your actual home and attached areas (such as the garage or deck). 

Detached structures. Detached structures are considered to be detached areas of the property (such as separate garages or guest homes). This is not always covered by the plan. 

Personal property. The possessions inside your home are included. This includes furniture, jewelry, appliances, art, etc. If these items are destroyed in the fire, the plan will cover only a portion of the value— typically 40-75%. 

Living expenses. In the event of a fire, you likely may not be able to live at home. Many plans will include hotel stays, meals and other costs that are associated with the fire. 

When shopping around for a plan, it’s crucial that you find something that will protect your home and your possessions. Contact Kelly Williams Insurance today to inquire about fire insurance coverage. 

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