Commercial Insurance Los Angeles

Kelly Williams Insurance has proudly served the Long Beach area for over 100 years now. As a part of Los Angeles County, the firm has been able to extend its business well past the confines of a single city and represent the entire Los Angeles County area. While Kelly Williams Insurance has a tremendous reputation for serving the individuals of Los Angeles, businesses have also enjoyed the rewards of working with Kelly Williams. There are plenty of differences when talking about commercial insurance for businesses in Los Angeles.

There are three main types of business, or commercial insurance: property; liability; workman’s compensation. A business that does not possess at least the minimum coverage of these types of commercial insurance in Los Angeles runs the risk of being put out of business if any type of incident occurs.

Property insurance is designed to protect the real or personal property of a business. For example, in case of a fire commercial insurance would pay for the losses and damages to a company’s office.

Liability insurance covers the costs for damages that are caused to a third party. This type of coverage helps defray the cost of a lawsuit against the company by any individual suffering personal injury or some type of property damage.

Worker’s compensation covers a business for any job related injury suffered by an employee. Many times this coverage helps protect the company from having a negligence lawsuit brought against it by an employee suffering a work related injury.

Kelly Williams Insurance can meet with any business looking to get commercial insurance in Los Angeles. A business needs to protect itself the same way an individual does. Meeting with the expert team from Kelly Williams Insurance can help a company in L.A. pick out the best and most affordable commercial insurance Los Angeles options possible.

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