Group Health Insurance in Long Beach

Since over 60% of the U.S. population has health insurance and receives coverage through an employer sponsored group health insurance plan, it is easy to see the popularity. It’s popularity is also contributed to the many of Americans that work for companies solely because of the health insurance benefits. These companies that offer great health benefits also see a small turnover, making group health insurance a great incentive to draw quality employees.

Kelly Williams can offer group health insurance to valid companies of 2 or more. Contact Kelly Williams Insurance in Long Beach if you have any questions with supplying your company with a great group health insurance plan,

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Protecting Your Commercial Property

If your company is facing a catastrophe like fire, explosion, theft, vandalism or inclimate weather, commercial property insurance can be there to repair or cover damaged property or replace your inventory. Depending on the policy, commercial property insurance can cover basic equipment including structures, equipment, furniture, money, securities, and hard to replace records.  Choosing an All-risk policy can allow you to pick and choose the coverage for any situation.

Since Property is valued in two categories, reimbursement is either given by the cost of replacing your property, known as a replacement-cost basis, or you can be reimbursed by an actual cash value (ACV), based on the replacement of cost minus the physical depreciation of the lost or damaged equipment. By supplying this insurance to a variety of business including commercial buildings, apartment complexes, HOA’s or the contents of your business, Kelly Williams is able to help any business out when the worst happens.

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Whole and Term Life Insurance

Getting life insurance relies on your specific situation but generally it depends if you have someone else in your life that depends on you financially. Some of the life events to consider are being married, having children, having to save money for college, and or having a mortgage.

The general idea of getting a life insurance is that you pay a certain amount and in the event that you pass away then your beneficiaries, listed in the policy, will be covered by the amount established. Moreover, if you don’t and you decide to stop the policy at a point then your will get the insurance cash savings accumulated but won’t be covered after the policy is cancelled. This is called Whole Life Insurance for it does not stop until either you past away or stop paying the required payments.

However there is another way to get life insurance that is much easier and that might fit you best, which is called Term Life Insurance. Term Life Insurance works in this way, you pay a premium (the cost of the insurance) for a fix time, if you pass away during that time then your beneficiaries will be covered as usual but if nothing happens to you then you had the time to save enough money to cover your needs and to cover your debts for you to walk away. However, in case that you need extra time to accomplished your needs then you can extend the coverage period and make it happen, but keep in mind that the premium will not be as low as the first time you obtained it but will be still lower that getting a whole Life Insurance. This price increment in your premium is due to the fact that insurance companies have more risk on having older clients insured than younger ones.

So call us for a free quote and stop by at your convenience so that we can provide you with these and more options that can save you thousands of dollars and will provide you with the desire insurance policy you deserve.

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Keep Your Home Insured – Signal Hill

Knowing the value of your property, not only money-wise but all the memories and experiences, is almost impossible. This is why it is so important to assure its protection with house insurance. Home insurance in Signal Hill is offered by Kelly Williams, because you don’t want to have just any insurance, but the one that fits your requirements, and the one that will protect your house in the worst situations.

Natural catastrophes and unexpected situations such as fire or gas leaks are scenarios that nobody wants to face and that sometimes can not be avoided. On occasions it can be too late to solve these issues, and regretting not having your house insured is definitely not an option. Consequently, it is encouraged for each house owner to be prepared for anything and be able to sleep well at night knowing that a recognized and trusted institution is keeping you and your loved ones protected.

With Kelly Williams we guaranteed that we are going to cover all your needs and explain every single detail so that you can be sure that you are in good hands. Just call us for a free quote and we can make sure your house has the appropriate coverage.

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Coverage on Commercial Vehicles

Long Beach and the surrounding areas are  full of businesses that utilize commercial vehicles that deliver good, products, or services. With the dangers of driving in Southern California every business needs to keep their employees and commercial autos covered with the correct insurance. From vans and trucks that haul goods to cars that carry passengers, every company deserves complete and affordable insurance.

With two main areas of commercial coverage, Kelly Williams is able to provide both. The first area is the liability section, which is designed to pay for the damages which you are legally liable for arising from injuries or death, or from damage to the property of others. This includes the expense of lawsuits against you, court costs and legal fees. This coverage is required by the State to drive in California.

The physical damage section is the part of the policy that indemnifies the insured for a loss to a covered company auto or its equipment under either the comprehensive or collision coverage. When comprehensive coverage applies, it will pay for loss or damage to your vehicle resulting from such perils as fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, glass breakage, explosion, etc. Comprehensive and collision coverage are written with a deductible. When collision coverage applies, it will pay for damage to your vehicle caused by a collision with another vehicle, object or by upset.

Contact Kelly Williams today to discuss how your businesses vehicles are covered.

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Helpful Auto Insurance Tips

  1. Insurance Considerations:
  • You’re driving record – drivers with past infringement or accidents are thought to be a higher danger
  • Your geographic region – urban zones have a larger number of cases than country regions
  • Your gender and age – guys have more mishaps; specific age groups have more claims
  • Your Marital status – wedded individuals show lower rates of cases
  • Earlier protection scope – in the event that you have been drop for non-installment of premiums
  • Vehicle use – higher yearly mileage brings about higher presentation to hazard
  • Make and model of your vehicle – luxury and sport automobiles normaly have a higher number of cases
  1. Request information about Discounts

Rebates are granted on the grounds that the insurance agency considers you to be a “superior danger.” Here are a few rebates you ought to search for: various vehicles, driver training courses, great understudy, security gadgets, against robbery gadgets, low mileage, great driver/reestablishment, auto/home bundle and profits. Not all states offer all rebates, so check with your specialist to check whether you qualify.

  1. Examine Your Policy Carefully

You should know that an insurance policy a legal contract. It is composed so your rights and obligations, as well as those of the insurance agency, are clearly expressed. When you buy accident coverage, you will get a strategy. You ought to peruse that strategy and verify you comprehend its substance. In the event that you have questions about your protection arrangement, contact your protection advisor for clarification. If you still have questions, contact your state insurance department

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