Renters Insurance and its Benefits

Tenants Insurance approaches are intended to cover you in case of secured misfortune to your own property and ensure you in the occasion you are in charge of damage or property harm to others in your leased Apartment, Home or Condo. Now, you can apply for free online insurance quotes from more than one insurance company. An expected 75% of Renters don’t have tenants protection coverage. Landlords and complexes are now requiring Renter’s Insurance as a condition to rent.

Assume you have guests to your loft and somebody slips on a wet kitchen floor and breaks an arm? Who is in charge of the medicinal expenses? Much of the time you. Leaseholders protection by and large gives “named peril” coverage, which means the arrangement states particularly what you are insured against.

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Safety on Fourth of July

With the fourth of July drawing closer, we are all hoping to celebrate. What’s more, when we consider praising, we think firecrackers.  Beginning in June, firecrackers from sparklers, party poppers, cone fountains, and so on, will be accessible available to be purchased state wide. Along these lines, pondering these for your backyard parties, reconsider. Here are a few hints from the National Fire Protection Association:

  • Leave fireworks to the professionals.   
  • The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public display conducted by trained professionals.  
  • After the fireworks display, children should never pick up fireworks that may be left over, they may still be active.

How hot does a sparkler get? 1200 degrees — that is more smoking than wood consuming, water bubbling, and glass dissolving. What might it do in the hands of a youngster? Many of individuals harmed by firecrackers were less than 15 years old with the most noteworthy danger of damage from age 0-4 were caused wounds because of sparklers.

Be safe this 4th of July and to learn more about insurance contact Kelly Williams Insurance, navigate the website or give us a call. 

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Business General Liability Insurance – Long Beach

Every business benefits from adequate Commercial General Liability coverage. CGL insurance protects you if a customer is injured at your place of business. It would also cover damage or injuries caused by your employees at a client’s site.

Commercial General Liability protects businesses against these types of claims. Even if your company is negligent or liable for damage, injury or loss to another’s property, reputation or health, your business can keep its assets if it is adequately insured.

General Liability insurance covers claims of bodily injury or other physical injury or property damage. It is frequently offered in a package with Property insurance to protect your business against incidents which may occur on your premises or at other covered locations where you normally conduct business. Commercial General Liability enables your business to continue operations while it faces real or fraudulent claims of certain types of negligence or wrongdoing.

Contact Kelly Williams Insurance today if you’re looking for quality general liability insurance in Long Beach or the surrounding areas.

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Long Beach Car Insurance

For some people, a car expresses the essence of their being, and to others, it’s simply an object to get from point A to B. We offer a variety of coverage and companies to choose from, based on your specific needs. Since 1895, Kelly Williams Insurance has been providing insurance to thousands of area residents with excellent service and the best pricing.

Advantages vary from company to company, and some require the purchase of certain coverages. As an independent insurance agent, we are able to objectively look at your account and select from the many different carriers which is the best fit for you. Whether your concern is keeping your premiums low or making sure that you have the broadest possible coverage, Kelly Williams Insurance can review your options so that you can make an educated decision. We represent a multitude of A+ rated companies including Mercury Insurance Group, Safeco, Progressive, and many others.

Call Kelly Williams Insurance today if you’re looking for amazing coverage at a rate you can’t pass up.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Essentially, if you are giving any kind of advice or if you´re providing a service to people you might need professional liability insurance. This can include doctors, insurance agents, lawyers, and business consultants because they have the exposure of giving the wrong advice or giving the wrong proceeding advice and receiving a claim from that. But the people that need professional liability insurance are not limited to those professions; certainly, if you are a wedding photographer, a party planner or someone who gives life advice or business coach and you give the wrong advice then you are also exposed to a lawsuit. So professional liability insurance protects you from giving the wrong advice or from someone accusing you for giving the wrong advice or providing a service improperly. 

Talk to one of our agents to see how much it will cost you versus the coverage and explore this as a viable option to your business. Call (562)498-8661 or visit us at 4400 E. Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach. We are committed to protect you all the time.

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Group Health Insurance in Long Beach

Since over 60% of the U.S. population has health insurance and receives coverage through an employer sponsored group health insurance plan, it is easy to see the popularity. It’s popularity is also contributed to the many of Americans that work for companies solely because of the health insurance benefits. These companies that offer great health benefits also see a small turnover, making group health insurance a great incentive to draw quality employees.

Kelly Williams can offer group health insurance to valid companies of 2 or more. Contact Kelly Williams Insurance in Long Beach if you have any questions with supplying your company with a great group health insurance plan,

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