How to Find A Great Fire Insurance Plan

In the unfortunate event of a fire, you need to make sure your losses are covered. Your fire insurance plan must be lock-tight, otherwise you put your home and possessions at a severe risk. 

Look for a plan with the right amount of coverage. Before you begin shopping for a plan, make a list of what you want to insure. You want a plan that covers everything you need. 

Most homeowner’s insurance includes fire damage. Here are the areas that are typically covered: 

Main dwelling. This includes your actual home and attached areas (such as the garage or deck). 

Detached structures. Detached structures are considered to be detached areas of the property (such as separate garages or guest homes). This is not always covered by the plan. 

Personal property. The possessions inside your home are included. This includes furniture, jewelry, appliances, art, etc. If these items are destroyed in the fire, the plan will cover only a portion of the value— typically 40-75%. 

Living expenses. In the event of a fire, you likely may not be able to live at home. Many plans will include hotel stays, meals and other costs that are associated with the fire. 

When shopping around for a plan, it’s crucial that you find something that will protect your home and your possessions. Contact Kelly Williams Insurance today to inquire about fire insurance coverage. 

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Why You Need Insurance For Your Marijuana Business

Do you own a cannabis business? One of the smartest things you can do is have specialized cannabis insurance.

The cannabis industry is still relatively new and exciting, but it’s also volatile. Here’s how different types of cannabis businesses can use insurance:

Dispensaries. Burglary, fire, and vandalism are all a possibility. If a disaster occurs, would your dispensary have the monetary cushion to remain afloat?

Cultivators. If you cultivate cannabis, your operation is exposed to possible fire, theft, and equipment breakdown.

Processors/Manufacturers. You face many of the same regulations as manufacturers of everyday products. Manufacturers should never operate without some form of insurance.

Here are the common insurance types available for cannabis businesses:

Product Liability. As a business owner, you can be sued for any damage caused by your products. This liability policy will cover your legal expenses and will cover the medical costs of others who are harmed by your products.

Property & Casualty. This plan covers damage to your business property as well as the contents within it, including furniture, computers, office supplies and your business inventory.

Cargo & Transportation. In the event your inventory or supplies get damaged during transportation, this plan covers this loss.

Worker’s Compensation. As an employer, you’re required to have worker’s compensation insurance. Accidents can happen while your staff is on the job, so this plan will cover their medical care as well as lost wages.

Your marijuana business needs insurance. Contact Kelly Williams Insurance to find the plan that will fit your needs.

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3 Tips For Buying Renters Insurance

Due to tight lending restrictions and rising house prices, many are opting to rent rather than buy. You save yourself from harsh property taxes, and you have very little risk when you rent.

However, if there’s a problem at the property, your landlord won’t cover your personal possessions. And if the property becomes uninhabitable due to some unplanned issue or event, your landlord won’t cover your hotel expenses. It’s important that you purchase renters insurance to properly protect yourself. We have compiled three of the best tips when looking to buy renter’s insurance.

  1. Know the coverage amount. The purpose of renters insurance is to cover your personal belongings, but in many cases but there will be a monetary limit to how much is covered. Before you get an insurance plan, you should tally the value of your possessions. Once you do so, look for a plan that best accommodates the value of those possessions. 
  2. Know what’s not covered. To avoid surprises, know what isn’t covered by your plan. For example, some policies don’t cover earthquakes. By knowing what’s not covered you can better find a plan that’s optimal for you. 
  3. Bundle your insurance policies. One of the best ways to save money on your renters insurance is to bundle it with your other insurance policies. For example, if you can bundle your car insurance with your renters policy, it can be very economical.

Have questions about renters insurance? Kelly Williams offers Long Beach, CA residents renters insurance that can keep you protected during an unplanned event. Contact us today to learn about the different plans available to you.

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Tips on Selecting the Best Insurance Plan for Your Small Business

The purpose of insurance is to mitigate risk for your business, so a good insurance plan is a necessity. The problem is that there are a myriad of different business insurance plans in the market, and trying to decide which plan fits you best is much easier said than done. We’ve compiled a few of our best tips to help you choose your plan and get started on the right foot.

1. Understand the different types of plans.

There are several different insurance plans you’ll likely consider. These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • General liability. This is essentially blanket coverage of your business. It will generally cover property damage, theft, and lawsuits (among other things).
  • Property insurance. Protects your property from theft, vandalism, and damage.
  • Product insurance. Have product-specific coverage. This will protect you from things like design flaws.
  • Worker’s compensation. Worker’s compensation will protect your employees if they get injured on the job. This insurance is typically mandated by the state (requirements do vary state-by-state).

2. Assess your risks

You may or may not be accepted for the plan based on the risks associated with your business. Insurance companies assess your risk with a process called underwriting. The insurance company will decide to either fully deny you, give you a portion of the coverage, or cover you fully. If you’re unsure how to properly assess the risks of your business, one of the reps from Kelly Williams Insurance can help.

3.  Work With a Reputable Agency

Your business insurance is simply too important to not use the help of a real and reputable insurance agency. At Kelly Williams Insurance, we’re in your corner every step of the way, and we’ll help you find the best insurance policies for your business. Get started today.

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Essential Insurance Tips for the First-Time Homeowner

Owning your first home can start an exciting chapter in your life. But before you sign the on dotted line, there are many pitfalls you must avoid. A lack of proper insurance can be one of those pitfalls. In today’s post, we’re going to give some essential home insurance tips.

Research Before You Buy

When you purchase your first home, it’s easy to get carried away and neglect to conduct your due diligence. We recommend that you carefully research different insurance plans, and that you understand the language inside the plans— some of the terms and their meanings can sound a bit convoluted at first. Look at the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) report for that property. The CLUE report will list the claims and losses on that property over the last seven years. All of your major questions should be answered before you purchase the property.

Factor Your Insurance Payments

Many first-time buyers fail to factor in their insurance payments when they calculate their mortgage. To keep your head above water, you must be able to afford both your insurance and mortgage payments.

Find Your Insurer Early Your insurer is a big piece of the puzzle, and it’s often best to find the insurance agency as early as possible. Kelly Williams Insurance is a homeowner’s insurance company in Long Beach, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more.

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Renters Insurance 2019

Renters Insurance seems to be the forgotten insurance policy. When renting a space from a company or real-estate office, most people assume it is safe, and you will be protected. While your personal information may be safe with the company or real-estate office, that does not imply that your personal property is safe or protected. An estimated 75% of individuals who rent an apartment, condo or home do not have renters insurance. Having renters insurance will protect you in the event of covered loss to your personal property in the event of property damage. You may be thinking, I do not need renters insurance, nothing has ever happened to me. Consider the scenario where a friend comes over, falls down your stairs in your home and breaks their leg. Who is responsible for the medical bill? Technically you are, renters insurance will protect you and help cover costs if you were responsible for their medical bill. We want you and your items to be safe and protected at all costs. Do not let renters insurance be the policy you forgot, when it could be the most important one you need.

Contact Kelly Williams insurance today, we will happy to answer any questions, and set you up with a renters policy fit to your needs.

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