Renters Insurance – Long Beach, Ca

Long Beach is a great city that many enjoy living in. However with rising living expenses leaves renting as the best option for considering a life in the city. To ensure you have the best rental experience consider rental insurance provided by Kelly Williams Insurance.

Kelly Williams provides rental insurance in Long Beach that is designed to cover you in the event of covered loss to your personal property and protect you in the event you are responsible for injury or property damage to others in your rented Apartment, Home or Condo.  An estimated 75% of Renters do not have renters insurance coverage.

This insurance can cover repair or replacement of your personal property damaged, destroyed or stolen as the result of various types of peril — fire or lightning, windstorm or hail, explosions, smoke, vandalism, theft, damage by glass, electrical surge damage, and water-related damage from home utilities, and more. If your home is made unlivable by one of these perils, Renters insurance will pay for the associated expenses (cost of a temporary residence, meals eaten out, etc.). Coverage is usually limited to a percent of the total value of the policy. Renter’s insurance can even cover you for personal possessions that don’t happen to be in the apartment at the time of the loss.

For a consultation please contact or call Kelly WIlliams Insurance of Long Beach.

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New Year Better Coverage

If you’re unhappy with your current coverage then there’s no better time to make a change. Whether you feel like you aren’t getting the best coverage or you’re being overcharged its time to contact an insurance agency that has your standards in mind. Kelly Williams Insurance will work with you to get a quote that you can work with. We offer a variety of great insurance opportunities from auto, and life insurance to a range of business insurances. Kelly Williams can have you covered for the new year. Long Beach Insurance options have never been so simple.

Contact Kelly Williams Insurance today if you’re interested in learning more about quality insurance and service in 2018.

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The Right Insurance for the Holidays

Christmas is a time where we get so caught up on the holiday bustle that we sometimes forget the importance of insurance coverage. From putting up decoration so making sure all your presents purchased wrapped and placed under the tree, we often overlook stolen property, household damages and unsafe driving conditions. Let Kelly Williams Insurance take care of your coverage so you can keep your mind on your family and friends for the holidays.

Happy Holidays from the Kelly Williams family to yours!

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Your home vs. Deep-Fried Turkeys

As we enter this Holiday Season, it is a time for family, fun and festivities but it is also a time for safety, especially in the kitchen. In the U.S. there is an estimated 1760 home cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day alone. Unattended cooking was the contributing factor to these fires, some resulting in fire related injuries and even deaths. 

With this information in mind, it is important to make sure you take all the necessary precautions during this holiday season to keep you and your family safe. More information regarding safety tips can be found at the National Fire Protection Agency Website.

If this unfortunate event were to happen to you, having the correct house insurance coverage is vital to ensure your home is covered if this situation were to occur. For more information about Fire Hazard and Homeowners Insurance feel free to contact Kelly Williams Insurance of Long Beach, CA.


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A Long Beach Insurance Legacy

For well over one hundred years now, Kelly Williams Insurance Agency has remained conveniently located in the Long Beach area, and over 25 years at our current location on Pacific Coast Hwy.

Kelly Williams Insurance Agency first opened their doors in 1895, and continues to serve the needs of homeowners and businesses throughout the Long Beach community and surrounding areas of Los Angeles County and Orange County today.

The owners and agents of Kelly Williams Insurance Agency take special pride in the services they provide and their collective level of knowledge to help you achieve all of your insurance needs and goals.

They specialize in all lines of insurance including automobile, homeowners, life, health and business insurance options to meet your needs and, as an independent agency, Kelly Williams Insurance Agency represents many quality and trustworthy companies to help you meet your goals while saving you money; companies such as Mercury, SAFECO, The Infinity Group, Drive Insurance (Progressive), and Oregon Mutual… just to name a few.

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Company Health Insurance Long Beach

Over 60% of the U.S. population has health insurance and receives coverage through an employer sponsored group health insurance plan. There are definite advantages to obtaining health insurance coverage through an employer. Many employees report the most important benefit offered to them through their job is health insurance. Companies throughout the U.S. spend billions of dollars annually for health insurance, making up the majority of the revenues earned by health insurance companies.

Group health insurance is available to any company that has 2 or more employees. Companies applying for group health insurance will need to verify the legitimacy of their business operations. The number of employees insured under the group health plan may also determine the type of coverage available to the employer. A company with between 2 to 50 employees is classified as a small business. Companies with thousands of employees generally have health plans customized by a health insurance carrier. Please Contact Kelly William Insurace for more Information regards Group Health Insurance Long Beach.

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