4 Protections Your Homeowners Association Policy Must Offer

Purchasing general liability insurance is common practice. General liability protects the association from accidents involving slip and falls and accidents stemming from maintenance issues around the property. Unfortunately, simply having general liability insurance places the association at risk for other lawsuits. Consider the following to ensure you have the right protections in place to secure your community.

Covers Punitive and Exemplary Damages

Thoroughly read your insurance policy to ensure that it covers both punitive and exemplary damages, so that the association will not have to cover these costs.

Protect Board Members

Typically, general liability insurance only covers the association, but why place the people you count on at risk? Find an insurance policy that protects your directors, employees and trustees in addition to the property.

Covers Employment Claims

As an employer you want to protect the organization from lawsuits stemming from your employees. Instead of finding a separate insurance policy to cover lawsuits concerning employment allegations, look for a policy that allows you to add endorsements to cover your employees in addition to your organization.

Duty to Defend

The cost of litigation is steadily on the rise. With the right insurance policy, your association can rest knowing that your insurance company will find counsel and cover the costs of claims covered under the policy. This means you can continue with your day-to-day business affairs without the stress of looking for counsel.

In Long Beach, California, Kelly Williams offers homeowner’s insurance that provides you with the peace of mind you need. Contact Kelly to get an insurance quote to protect your organization.


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