Renters Insurance 2019

Renters Insurance seems to be the forgotten insurance policy. When renting a space from a company or real-estate office, most people assume it is safe, and you will be protected. While your personal information may be safe with the company or real-estate office, that does not imply that your personal property is safe or protected. An estimated 75% of individuals who rent an apartment, condo or home do not have renters insurance. Having renters insurance will protect you in the event of covered loss to your personal property in the event of property damage. You may be thinking, I do not need renters insurance, nothing has ever happened to me. Consider the scenario where a friend comes over, falls down your stairs in your home and breaks their leg. Who is responsible for the medical bill? Technically you are, renters insurance will protect you and help cover costs if you were responsible for their medical bill. We want you and your items to be safe and protected at all costs. Do not let renters insurance be the policy you forgot, when it could be the most important one you need.

Contact Kelly Williams insurance today, we will happy to answer any questions, and set you up with a renters policy fit to your needs.

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